• It's Mind Bloggling

    The first book in my new Mack's Bar series, MURDER ON THE ROCKS, written under the pseudonym Allyson K. Abbott, was released last week and it debuted this week at #32 on the Barnes & Noble Bestseller list for mass market[…]

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    It's Mind Bloggling

    Keep Your Fingers Crossed Get ready for some exciting things to happen in Mattie's life when BOARD STIFF comes out in March 2014. And if all goes according to the plans that were discussed today, I should have some good news to report on[…]

  • The First Review for MURDER ON THE ROCKS

    It's Mind Bloggling

    The First Review for MURDER ON THE ROCKS It's always a little nerve-wracking when you have a first title coming out, or any title for that matter. Will readers like it? Will reviewers be kind or cruel? Or worse yet, will they just ignore me? Will I become[…]



Author Beth Amos

This is the official web site of author Beth Amos, who is also published under the pseudonyms of Annelise Ryan and Allyson K. Abbott.  Beth has enjoyed a varied writing career that included a stint as a book reviewer and several years of nonfiction freelancing. Now she writes only fiction, and in stark contrast to her "day job" as an ER nurse, where she gets to save lives, the one common factor in her fiction, no matter what name it's written under, is that someone always dies.

As Annelise Ryan she writes a mystery series featuring the wry, and often politically incorrect, nurse-turned-coroner, Mattie Winston, published by Kensington Books. 



As Allyson K. Abbott she writes a mystery series featuring bar owner, Mack Dalton, who uses her neurological disorder, synesthesia, to help solve crimes. This series is also published by Kensington Books. 


Beth has her pseudonyms in part because she figures her current ER patients might not be comfortable knowing she spends her spare time thinking up devious and clever ways to kill people. As Beth Amos she wrote three thrillers that were published by Harper Collins in the late '90s that she has rereleased as e-books: COLD WHITE FURY, EYES OF NIGHT, and SECOND SIGHT. In addition she has self-published two additional thrillers: NICK OF TIME and FACE OF DEATH, available from most online book vendors.

This web site is information central for Beth Amos and features news and information about all the iterations of Beth, as well as some writing workshops. For more fun and information, you can also visit www.mattiewinston.com or Beth's blog at It's Mind Bloggling.